Alimony—Not just Dollars & Cents

            Your marriage is ending in divorce.  Finances are probably at the top of your list of concerns. The cost of the divorce itself, the value of property that will be divided, child support payments—and then there is alimony. Alimony creates a legal obligation to make payments for the ongoing support of your former spouse [...]

I can neither Admit nor Deny that Statement…

Toward the end of the Discovery process, you may decide to serve the opposing party, or any other person that you are considering calling as a witness, with Request for Admissions. Request for Admissions are your chance to put words in the opposing party’s mouth. No, really, they are an opportunity for you to write [...]

Delaney & Keffler welcomes new team member

Delaney & Keffler, LLC would like to welcome the newest addition to the Delaney & Keffler team, Lisa MacWilliams!  Being from a military family, Lisa lived overseas for many years before returning to Gambrills, Maryland to finish high school and college.  She now resides in Prince Frederick with her husband and three boys.  For the past [...]

Tough Economic Times are Causing Creative Divorce

Tough economic times are causing couples to be more creative when considering divorce.   Whether the decision to separate and possibly divorce is mutual for both parties or not, the reality is that if either party has to establish another residence to move out of the marital home, this creates a financial burden for the entire [...]

Diving Deeper with Depositions

Discovery is an ongoing process. Often times, little snippets of information provided in one stage of Discovery will spark a deeper investigation to gather more substance on the subject. In domestic cases, Interrogatories and Requests for Production of Documents often uncover bits of evidence that the opposing party will want to learn more about prior [...]

Five Myths about Divorce

1. I cannot get alimony if I committed adultery – There are many factors that the court must consider before making a determination regarding alimony such as the age of the parties, their ability to be self-supporting, their education and wage earning capacity, and health.  What led to the end of the marriage, and this [...]